10 Concerns That Come Up Often Regarding Hair


A bad diet, infection, or slow metabolism can produce dandruff, which is characterized by scaly particles that attach to the hair base.

Hair Loss

Although traditionally associated with men, hair loss/thinning hair is also common in women. Most men may have male pattern baldness. 

Dry Hair

Shampooing too often dries hair.  Many wash their hair daily, sometimes twice, even though clean hair is good.  Your hair will lose all its natural oils.

 Spit Ends

Split ends result from overbrushing, perming, heat, and poor conditioner.

Oily/Greasy Hair

The scalp produces too much sebum, causing oily hair.  Sebaceous glands might "work overtime" and create too much oil.

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is caused by poor hair moisture and might be hereditary.

Dull Hair

Chemical or heat-styling damage and environmental pollution can darken hair.

Heat Damaged Hair

Overusing your curling or flat iron will harm your hair.

Color Damaged Hair

Chemicals open your hair shaft when you color it, making it porous and fragile.

Gray Hair

Gray hair is a status symbol for many.  Gray hair is brittle and unmanageable, so some opt to remove it.

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