10 Do-It-Yourself Crafts That You Can Make and Sell


DIY candles can be sold year-round. Quality candles make fantastic gifts because most people won't buy them. 

 Pet Toys

This charming toy lets kids construct these quick and easy fruit box hungry caterpillars! Kids adore painting crafts! Remove the fruit box's caterpillars, paint them, and add a pipe cleaner antenna! 

Printed Throw Pillows

So it goes. If you sell unique products like custom-printed throw pillows, entering this sector makes sense. 

Customized Dinner Napkins or Hand Towels

Customized napkins or hand towels are essential for detail-oriented house decorators. 


Keychains never go out of style. After outliving its utilitarian use, dangling initials make it an identifying item, animals show an animal lover, and tourism attractions show a traveler.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are becoming increasingly significant as states reduce plastic bag use. These adaptable catch-alls are popular at the grocery store and coffee shop and cheap to create. 

Wall Art

Arts and cultural goods manufacturing boosted the US economy by $698 billion in 2012. You can enter that industry.

Kid’s Toys

Statista estimated $371 spent on toys by US youngsters in 2013. Lots of money. 


“Don’t put that there—use a coaster!” All paranoid moms keep the coaster industry going. Starting e-commerce with coasters is smart. 


Notecards are an affordable, popular commodity. Paper and textiles are cheap, easy to ship, and require no specific expertise to make.

At-home activities for children that are simple and fun to make