10 Suggestions to Help You Better Manage Your Child's Asthma

Schedule Regular Doctor’s Appointments

Prescription steroids and bronchodilators help kids manage asthma. Dr. Schroeder says your child's doctor will create and review a treatment plan at each visit.

Create a Written Asthma Action Plan

Create a written symptom management and emergency plan with your child's doctor. “It’s all about empowering the family to do the right things,” says Schroeder.

Try to Shift From Crisis to Control

You should prioritize preventive maintenance above problem-solving. “If your child is having a lot of crises, you may need a new asthma action plan,” says Dr. Farber.

Help your child utilize their peak flow meter and medication

To get the most out of asthma medication, your child will need to learn how to use inhalers, nebulizers, and peak flow meters. 

Schedule a Flu Shot for Your Child

Flu can harm children with mild asthma or well-controlled symptoms. Due to asthmatics' enlarged and sensitive airways, the influenza virus can inflame the lungs. 

Limit Your Kid’s Exposure to Triggers and Allergens

Reduce your child's pollen, dust, mold, and pet dander exposure, which can cause breathing issues. During harsh seasons, your doctor may increase seasonal allergy medication.

Shield Your Child From Smoke

Child lungs can be damaged by smoking. A 2015 study found that Japanese children with indoor smoking parents had a 43 to 72% higher asthma hospitalization rate. 

Keep Emergency Medication Handy

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Give Your Child Positive Role Models

Share stories of successful asthmatics with your child. Research from 2015 found asthma in President Theodore Roosevelt. David Beckham, Pink, and Jessica Alba also have it, per CBS News. 

Encourage Good Expectations

Teach your youngster to view asthma positively. “Expect good management and not just crisis control, and teach her to follow her asthma plan,” says Farber. 

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