11 Suggestions for the Outdoor Care of a Rabbit

Purchase supplies and necessary equipment

Rabbits need more than food and shelter like dogs and cats. They need several supplies. Before they move in, make sure they have everything. 

Set Up the Cage

The cage is the most important part of outdoor rabbit care.  Your pet lives there permanently.

Groom your bunny

Your rabbit needs attention. You must commit to grooming it. Monitor hairballs and teeth growth.

Give your pet a balanced diet

Healthy rabbit diets include hay, fresh produce, and pellets. Starting with pellets for young bunnies. Increase veggie and hay servings gradually.

Protect your bunny from dangers

Outdoor predators lurk. However, your rabbit can live comfortably outside. Take extra precautions. Keep it out of the elements and capture-proof.

Provide good company

Your bunnies get mental and physical stimulation from toys. They flourish with busy minds and fit bodies.

Use toys to stimulate your pet rabbit

Toys stimulate rabbits mentally and physically. Mental stimulation and excellent health help them thrive.

Socialize your rabbit

Prey rabbits are apprehensive of new places. All have distinct personalities. They dislike other rabbits invading their domain.

Handle your rabbit cautiously

Allow them to adjust to you before lifting them. When calm, carefully pick them up. You can also wait for them.

Register your rabbit at your local veterinary office

Rabbits need frequent vet visits like dogs and cats. If you register it with your local vet early, the vet can monitor its health. 

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