7 types of grains that are excellent sources of protein


Quinoa is a seed-based high-protein whole grain. Gluten-free, fiber-rich food has long been consumed in South America.

Wild Rice

Whole grains like brown and wild rice are high in fiber, but wild rice offers more protein. Wild rice is denser and lower in carbs than brown and white rice.


Kamut is a trademark for khorasan wheat, an ancient grain. Kamut, produced under stringent conditions, has more protein than ordinary and durum wheat.


Ethiopia uses teff as a staple grain. The fine-textured grain is white or reddish brown.


Like quinoa, amaranth is a ‘pseudo-grain.’ That is, amaranth is a seed yet often called a grain.


A chewy wheat derivative, farro is a hearty grain. Farro shapes better in soups and stews than teff because it is denser.


Sorghum, another gluten-free grain, contains polyphenols, antioxidants with health benefits.

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