9 Ways to Keep Infections at Bay During Chemotherapy

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Handwashing is single-handedly the most effective way to reduce infection

Avoid Sick People

When receiving chemotherapy, Geiger advises avoiding sick people.

Verify Vaccinations

Some vaccines include live viruses, which can harm chemotherapy patients. 

Avoid Hot Tubs, Lakes, and Ponds

Hot tubs, freshwater lakes, and ponds are usually off-limits during chemotherapy, but dangers vary by malignancy and treatment.

Don’t Eat Raw or Undercooked Meat

Keep raw meat, fish, and eggs separate from other foods and prepare them properly to avoid illness-causing microorganisms.

Skip the Mani-Pedi

According to the National Cancer Institute, accidental skin tears or cuts can let bacteria into your bloodstream, causing a severe illness. 

Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

You know to brush twice a day and floss, but chemo makes basic oral hygiene even more crucial.

Practice Impeccable Personal Hygiene

I don’t think we have to get out the scrub brush and scrub from head to toe or use wet wipes.

Avoid Sharing Glasses or Towels

Geiger believes it's fine to sleep in the same bed with your partner, but use separate towels, utensils, and glasses to avoid contamination.

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