Get Men's Hair to Be Smooth and Silky

Gentle shampoos include few harsh chemicals that could damage hair.  Sulphates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and others are popular shampoo constituents. 

Make sure to use a mild shampoo


If you desire silky hair, you should never omit a step in your hair care routine that involves conditioning. 

Conditioner made from natural components


Oil strengthens and shines hair. Naturally coarse hair can be greatly smoothed with oil. 

Oil your hair regularly


Building up styling product residue can harm the scalp and hair. It sticks to hair and makes it coarse. 

Avoid styling products


Keep your hair clean and residue-free for soft hair. You may be washing your hair wrong, causing damage and coarseness. 

Washing your hair correctly


Too many people make this hair error. You might assume washing your hair more will make it healthier. Quite the contrary. 

Do not wash your hair often


Conditioning should focus on mid-lengths to ends. Your dry ends need extra hydration. 

Condition the tips of your hair


To get silky hair, avoid heating tools. Practice towel-drying your hair after showering. A cotton T-shirt is gentler than a bath towel for hair drying.

Towel dry your hair


Comb your hair regularly to avoid frizz and knots for soft hair. You can use any brush, but I like a wooden comb. 

Comb your hair every morning


Hair must be clipped regularly to stay healthy and shapely. Hair should be cut every three to four weeks.

Get regular haircuts


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