Rabbits Showing Signs of Being Under Stress


It may come as a surprise, but it's usual for rabbits to spend most of the day doing relatively little activity. 

 Pulling Out Their Hair

The fur of a stressed-up rabbit may fall out in patches, and the rabbit may even begin to pull its own fur out.

They always pin their ears

Happy rabbits have upward-pointing, slightly-angled ears. When terrified or anxious, rabbits pin their ears back with fearful eyes.

Excessive Thumping

Thumping indicates trouble for wild rabbits. Like a radio transmitter, the vibration alerts other rabbits to danger. 

Shallow, Rapid Breathing, and Panting

Rabbit noses twitch, which can look like quick breathing, but it's natural. However, quick breathing causes their sides to move when agitated. 

Over-Agitated and Skittish

Flighty and skittish, rabbits are prey. This agitation is more easily triggered when stressed, making a sociable bunny afraid of you. They'll hide anyplace for a while.


The fact that rabbits make noises when in discomfort or aggressive is startling. They grumble when threatened. 

Repetitive Behaviors

Stressed or bored bunnies exhibit unusual, repeated behavior. Pacing, biting, shaking, bobbing their head, and circling their enclosure are examples.

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