The health of your spine depends on your consumption of these 7 foods

Plant-Based Proteins

Plant proteins are good for your spine. These proteins differ from meat. Use plant-based proteins whenever possible. Animal proteins cause inflammation.


To improve your health, eat lots of vegetables daily. Besides being healthful, veggies help fight back problems. Vegetables can help spinal disorders.


If you like seafood, eat salmon often. Salmon provides lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Dairy Products

Maintaining and increasing bone health requires calcium. The easiest way to acquire calcium without supplements? Improve your dairy consumption.

 Herbs and Spices

Many plants and spices promote spinal health. Turmeric, a spice often used in Indian cuisine, notably curry recipes, helps heal damaged tissue.


Like veggies, choose the most pigmented. Like dairy, don't overuse. Remember that fruit has sugar, therefore eating too much might be unhealthy.


Avocados are good for your spine regardless of your taste. They provide essential lipids, fiber, and potassium. These make avocados healthy overall.

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