The initial and most important asthma warning indication 

 Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is caused by asthma triggers reacting to your airways and muscles, according to University of Cincinnati College of Medicine pulmonologist and associate professor of internal medicine Sadia Benzaquen.


According to the Mayo Clinic, irritants in your throat or airways stimulate nerves that tell your brain to cough with chest and abdominal muscles. 


When airways narrow, breathing is restricted. Therefore, you may wheeze, which sounds like whistling through a straw.

A cough that won’t go away

We mentioned that coughing is one of several asthma symptoms, but a persistent cough may be the only warning.

Difficulty sleeping

Board-certified allergist Anastasiya Kleva, M.D. of ENT and Allergy Associates NY says asthma causes sudden waking from sleep due to shortness of breath, cough, or wheezing. 

Chest tightness

Asthma makes breathing difficult, says Orange, California pulmonologist Raymond Casciari, M.D. A big breath and another tightens your chest. He says asthma feels like that because air is trapped.

Rapid breathing

Asthmatics may breathe faster to compensate for their inability to adequately expel air, Dr. Casciari explains.

Struggling with exercise

The difference between being exhausted from a hard workout and having asthma is significant.

Awful colds

Being sick often or having a bad cold doesn't guarantee you have asthma. Due to airway inflammation, Dr. Casciari adds asthmatics commonly develop viral infections that last longer and worsen. 

Constant fatigue

Your body collects oxygen less efficiently with asthma. Dr. Kleva says insufficient oxygen may cause weariness. 

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